Collaboration Guidance

What we do

The NIHR Leeds MIC is required to raise funds for its involvement with collaborative projects. We can only support grant applications if we are a named collaborator, are actively involved in the project and have our time costed.

Collaboration requests can either include:

Unmet needs

These are things which make day-to-day living difficult for people with illnesses or conditions, or a problem in a health care setting that does not currently have a solution. You do not need to have a solution for the unmet need but it should be an idea that could be addressed by an in vitro diagnostic test.


Developed in response to unmet needs. We focus on Technology Readiness Levels 4 – 6 but will consider technology at an earlier or later stage on a case-by-case basis.


Please note 

We are not a sales team and will not support an innovation if you are only looking for market traction or to have your product adopted into the NHS. We advise you to contact the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) if you are looking for this type of support.

Unmet needs must be validated by patients and NHS health professionals across multiple NHS settings and we can work with you to do this, but funding for our time and resources must be secured. We collaborate with you to submit grant applications from relevant funding bodies.

Innovations should have considerable input from patients and NHS health professionals. We will only support innovations where this input can be demonstrated or where collaborators are willing to work closely with these groups and modify their ideas and innovations accordingly. We work with you to provide input from these groups.