Our Support

What we do

Working on one or more of our four clinical themes – Infection Diagnostics, Musculoskeletal Disease, Oncology, Renal Medicine – we provide support in the following ways:

Identification and validation of unmet needs
Working with our network of healthcare professionals and patients across the country enables us to confirm and validate an unmet IVD need.

Project management
We have extensive experience of delivering projects across academia, healthcare, and industry and manage and support projects of all sizes.

Input from patients, carers and the public
We have our own patient and public involvement (PPI) group, and experts to help identify unmet needs and gain feedback on early stage innovations. Visit the PPI section here. Read our PPIE Guide for Researchers here.

Access to NHS and NIHR infrastructure
As one of eleven NIHR MedTech and in vitro co-operatives (MICs) in the UK, we help you find the ‘best fit’ NHS and NIHR organisations to work with.

Facilitate collaborations between stakeholders
We have extensive networks across healthcare, industry, and academia, and help you find the right collaborators.

Clinical evaluation
We advise on and support rapid clinical evaluation of medical technologies in the NHS.

Access to samples and data
Leeds is host to a number of Biobanks and Research Tissue banks. These hold a wealth of information that can facilitate project development and support economic and clinical evaluation assessments.

Advice from leading clinicians
Each of our four clinical themes is led by recognised clinical experts, each with a vast network of contacts.

Support and guidance to secure funding
We have extensive experience in securing funding and advise on, and support, funding applications.

Regulatory and IP guidance
We advise on the regulatory guidance and intellectual property (IP) requirements of your project/product.