Health Informatics

Professor Geoff Hall

Health Informatics Theme Lead

Health Informatics

Using real world data to support validation.

Accurate, timely and reliable data is fundamental to decision making in relation to in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assessment, and is at the heart of our approach to Health Informatics. We work with local, regional and national partners in healthcare, academia and the commercial sector to develop the depth and breadth of clinical and economic data. 

We are led by Professor Geoff Hall, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and Senior Clinical Leader at the MRC Medical Bioinformatics Centre, which forms part of the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA). Professor Hall’s association with LIDA enhances our ability to automate the analysis of routine data and explore ways of improving technical capacity and capability. Professor Hall is Clinical Lead for DATA-CAN which makes high quality health data accessible for researchers so they can conduct research into new diagnostic tools and treatments, and improve outcomes for cancer patients.

We have developed strong relationships with industrial partners, whose focus is to data mining clinical pathways and electronic records to produce risk models and identify clinical need and impact.

Examples of work with our partners include:

  • National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) delivers the management system for COVID-19 test results within the NHS
  • The ‘NETIMIS’ simulation tool which helped IVD manufacturers develop business cases to demonstrate improvements to patient pathways 
  • Clinical Decision Algorithms Unit is based on antenatal risk assessment software with expertise in CE marking and quality assurance