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PinPoint Cancer joins forces with Leeds big data experts

26 June 2018

NIHR Leeds MIC is pleased to welcome biotech company, PinPoint Cancer Ltd into the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics to work on a new project aimed at addressing the burden of the cancer Two Week Wait referral pathway.

Early cancer detection has the capacity to save lives and reduce the cost of treatment for cancer patients and healthcare systems. Over 1.9 million patients per year in England are referred from primary care for possible cancer diagnoses on the basis of a non-specific ‘vague’ symptoms. However, over 90% of people referred to this ‘Two Week Wait’ (TWW) pathway do not have cancer, costing NHS England over £800 million per year in unnecessary further tests.

PinPoint Cancer is analysing patient data to help develop a blood test for cancer which will cover as many different types of cancer as possible. The project is part of an ongoing collaboration between the University of Leeds, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, and PinPoint Cancer Ltd.

Dr Rosie Ferguson, Programme Manager at NIHR Leeds MIC, says: “This is a very exciting venture which could go a long way to relieving pressure on NHS cancer diagnostic services. Leeds is a fantastic environment for this research, combining first class data analytic facilities at the University, with clinical and IVD validation expertise provided by our LTHT-University partnership.”